Nikoleta Mita

Role in the project: regional project coordinator, institutional project leader, education expert
Institution: University of Tirana (Faculty of Social Sciences)

She is full professor on education at the University of Tirana, and the adjunct professor at the Clemson University (USA). She has 40 years of experience in teaching and research. Actually she is teaching in the Master and Doctorate Programs in Education and Psychology. She has a reach experience in teacher education, educational leadership and administration, teacher training, educational and psychological evaluation and assessment, planning, organization, and leadership of research projects. She has experience in implementation of international projects. She has played an active role in implementing the educational reforms in all levels of education in Albania and Kosovo. She is cooperating with European professional associations in the field of education. She is the author of various publications.

Some publications:

  • Haxhiymeri, E. & Mita, N. (September, 2015). Review of national policies and practices on teacher induction, presented in the 17th International Conference “Traditions and innovations in the education of the Balkan countries”, Varna, Bulgaria, published in the Proceedings of the conference.
  • Haxhiymeri, E. & Mita, N. & Latifi, J. (2013). Reforming the legal status of teachers in Albania”, International Journal for Education Law and Policy, Volume 9, Issue 1-2.
  • Mita, N. (19-20 November 2013). Master Study Programs in Education (Tempus project), presented in the conference “Teacher Education and Training in the Western Balkans”, Ohrid.
  • Mita, N. & Latifi, J. (July 2012). The Legal Framework of Higher Education in Albania. (The Phenomenon of Private Higher Education), presented and published in the Proceedings of the 4th Paris International Conference on Education Economy & Society, held in, Paris, France.
  • Mita, N. & Reçka, L. (June 2012). Educational reform in Albania, presented in the Conference “Educational Reform in the 21-st Century in Balkan Countries”, Bucharest, Romania and published in the Proceedings of the conference.
  • Vula, E. & Saqipi, B. & Karaj, & Th. Mita, N. (2012). Moving towards Practice-Oriented and Research-Based Teacher Education: Challenges of Kosovo and Albania, Journal Excellence in Higher Education, Vol 3, No 1.