Dana K. Bartosh

Role in the project: professor
Institution: Moscow City University

Ph.D in Pedagogy, professor, Head of the Laboratory of International Projects of International Relations Department.
Dr. Bartosh has a number of research papers and has been conducting scientific work on quality assurance and the issue of education modernization.

Some publications:

  • About the preparation of students – future teachers to pedagogical activity (article) The pedagogical process in educational institutions: Sat. scientific articles. – Cheboksary: CSPU, 2009. – 203 p. S.84-88
  • Features of linguo-cultural competence of the future teacher of foreign language (Article) Bulletin of Moscow State Humanitarian University. MASholokhov. “Pedagogy and Psychology” series. – № 1. – 2011. -p. 19-27.
  • Topical issues of interaction between the sphere of higher professional teacher education and the labor market (Article) State University of Management. University Bulletin. – №15. – 2012. – P. 110-116.
  • Monitoring the quality of training of students- future teachers of a foreign language in the conditions of pedagogical practices (Article) Teaching process and problems of its organization: Sat. scientific. Articles. Issue 4 Cheboksary: Research Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, 2012 s.34-37
  • Improving the quality of training of students- linguists at the stage of the modernization of higher education (article) Innovation in teaching foreign languages: experience, problems, prospects: Proceedings of the Inter. Scient. Conf., Minsk, Minsk State Linguistic University. – 2014 s.167-169