EduLAw Europe

The EduLAw project enhances multidisciplinary collaboration between teachers, pedagogical scientists, educators and lawyers and is funded under the EU programme Erasmus+ Capacity-Building in Higher Education. It aims at promoting effective collaboration between staff with pedagogical backgrounds and lawyers thereby improving rights-based decision making in education.

EduLAw Europe events

Outputs of the EduLAw project are available open source:

EduLAw aims

  • supported  eligible partner countries in updating their curricula;
  • prepared their staff and students for a rights based school governance and teaching process and to respond to pro-active rights demands in societies in transition.

EduLAw objectives

  • enhanced the relevance of teacher education for the development of a rights based labour market and society;
  • improved the level of competences and skills in HEIs by developing on-line new modules and innovative teacher education programmes.

EduLAw specific objectives

  • redesigned courses and programs in teacher training and educational sciences programmes to include modules that transfer a basic knowledge of (education) law to the students in teacher education and educational sciences with or without a previous legal education;
  • developed learning (for students) and teaching (for staff) tools on education law and rights in education;
  • created Open Educational Resources and an online testing system;
  • enhanced multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity consisting of effective collaboration between educators and lawyers specialising in different fields of law;
  • supported partners with methodologies and pedagogical approaches including the description of learning outcomes for each of the modules;
  • developed an innovative approach on teacher education and the role of law in education;
  • improved the professional level of staff;
  • aligned teacher education to international standards.

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