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Gracienne Lauwers (prof. dr., Jean Monnet)

News: MONEUL – Igniting European Union Learning Together in Mongolia

From 2024 to 2027, ELA EduLAw will implement the Erasmus+ CBHE MONEUL project under the leadership of Paul Van Caesbroeck (ELAvzw). Erasmus+ CBHE is the EU program designed to support education in ‘third countries’ outside Europe. Capacity building in higher education is achieved through international cooperation projects and multilateral partnerships with the objective of developing curricula and digitizing higher education systems.
‘MONEUL – Inclusive Digital Learning about the European Union in Mongolia’ is a collaborative effort led by VUB (under grant holder Prof. Dr. Gracienne Lauwers), ELA EduLAw, the University of Bialystok, Mongolian National University of Education, National University of Mongolia, and the Graduate University of Mongolia. Special attention is devoted to the branches in remote regions of Mongolia bordering Kazakhstan, China, and Russia.
The aim of MONEUL is to integrate EU courses into the programs of major universities in Mongolia and their branches. It aims to teach Mongolian students about the history of the European Union, its successive enlargements, its institutional structure, its legal system, its values, fundamental rights of the European Union, the European Education Area, and European policy priorities, including digital transformation, inclusion, and environmental protection.
The collaboration with ELA EduLAw and the University of Bialystok results from a longstanding Erasmus+ international collaboration initiated in 2016 by project- and visibility manager Paul Van Caesbroeck through projects including Erasmus+ CBHE Edulaw and Erasmus+ CBHE MELINC.
ELA EduLAw and VUB are responsible for producing the EU modules. Within the MONEUL project, the University of Bialystok is tasked with developing activities aimed at enhancing the quality of initial teacher training in Mongolia.
The collaboration is funded by the European Union for EUR 400,000.