Ervin Karamuço

Role in the project: institutional project leader, legal expert
Institution: Aleksander Moisiu University of Durres

He studied Law at the University of Tirana and then get Master and PhD in the field of human rights and administrative law from the University of Tirana as well. Since year 2000, he has worked as lawyer with 12 years of experience in Albanian public institutions such as the Ombudsman in the position of Vice Commissioner and then the Head of National Preventive Mechanism against Torture. In 2012 he started working in the academic filed in some private institutions and then at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the University of Durres where currently has the position of full time lecturer in Public Law. Other relevant experiences include positions in some civil society projects such as Team Leader of Transparency International Albania and Legal Consultant in initiatives of constitutional reform, drafting of the secondary anticorruption report for Albania etc.

Some publications:

  • Karamuço, E. (2016). Albanian legislation on internal audit and the features relevant to the audit of EU funds. Scientific Publication REFORMA, Pub 33, pg 335,
  • Karamuço, E. (2015). Challenges of Human Rights in Albania in the framework of Globalization. Albanian socio economic review, pg. 105, Online ISSN 2312-5349,.
  • Karamuço, E and others. (2015). The Albanian commissioner of right to information and data protection, new legal challenges on protecting human rights. Conference-Abstract Proceedings, ISSN: 2308-0825,
  • Karamuço, E and others. The Albanian Country, the Institutional and Territory Organization in the Illyrian Period and during the Principality of “Arbëria” Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences ISSN 2039-9340(Print) ISSN 2039-2117 (Online)