Lyubov Zarubina

Role in the project: institutional international relations manager
Institution: Northern Arctic Federal University, Arkhangelsk, Russia

Lyubov Zarubina graduated from Pomor State University and International Institute of Management (Arkhangelsk, Russia). She worked for the Government of the Arkhangelsk Region as responsible for expanding international relations of the Arkhangelsk Region. She implemented projects in the field of environment, culture, tourism, education, SME’s support, youth employment. She is since 2010 employed at the Northern Arctic Federal University as Head of the International Projects Unit and Vice-Rector Assistant for International Relations. In 2013, she became the Head of the International Cooperation Department. She is (since 2012) the Secretary of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council Joint Working Group on Education. She was an assessor for the EU Kolarctic ENPI CBC Programnme 2009-2014.

Areas of expertise: university internationalization, international cooperation in the Arctic , international projects management and evaluation, foreign students’ recruitment, university promotion, organizing international events.