Natalia Flotskaya

Role in the project: education expert
Institution: Northern Arctic (Federal) University named after M.V. Lomonosov, Higher School of Psychology and Teacher Education

Natalia Flotskaya, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, professor of Special Pedagogy and Psychology is the Director of the Higher School of Psychology and Teacher Education. She served as Dean of the Department of Special Needs Education, Director of the Institute of Teacher Education and Psychology, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Arkhangelsk Region. She was involved in the inclusive education regional development. She has good experience in leading and coordination of national and international projects and grants. She is a member of the board of the Arkhangelsk Regional Ministry of Education and Science, Social Council on Education within Arkhangelsk Regional Legislative Assembly.

She has published widely on issues of psychology, special needs and inclusive education.

Some publications:

  • Learning from Our Neighbours: Inclusive Education in the Making: 2013, Rovaniemi, 102 pages.
  • The Character of Social Competencies in Inclusive Teachers. Inclusive education in European and Russian contexts / Voices from the North: Calling for Inclusion in Education Conference publication/Layout: University of Lapland Printing Centre, 2015, Rovaniemi, 31-49 pages.