Odgerel Dandii

Ph.D from University of Tsukuba, Japan

Head of “Child development support centre at Mongolian State University of Education
Associate professor for Special and Inclusive Education
Dr Odgerel is a associate professor at the Mongolian National University of Education and head of the MNUE Odgerel has initiated and developed and adapted new (non-legal) courses and programs for training teachers in ‘Special and Inclusive Education’. She has developed a curriculum for Special Education, including programs for children with mental and developmental disabilities. Many students in teacher training benefitted from these programs. These students are now working in schools nationwide. The University administration evaluated Dr.Odgerel’s efforts and achievements in teaching and research and she was evaluated as the best researcher in 2014 and 2016. In 2018 her text book “Special Education” was evaluated as the best textbook for teachers’ training program. Dr.Odgerel speaks fluently Russian and English. She has worked as a visiting professor at Nagoya University, Hyogo University, participated at the 2014 International Conference on Asia and the Pacific, UNESCO Thailand, lectured at Seoul University of South Korea, and at Columbia College, South Carolina on the topics ‘Traditional Education of Mongolia’ and ‘Development of Mongolia’s Special Needs Education’.

Books written in 2017-2019:

  • D. Odgerel, B. Namiraa (2018) Special education textbook, Theories and practices of supporting children with developmental features strategies, 11 chapters, 250 pages Sodpress Publishing Co., UB
  • D. Odgerel (2019) Assesment of children’s mental abilities, Impress Colour Co.Ltd, UB
  • D. Odgerel et.al (2019) Inclusive Education Training module for regular school teachers, Impress Colour Co.Ltd, UB

Research papers:

  • D. Odgerel (2017) Some results on survey research of children with special needs in Mongolia’ Disability research conference handbook, pp. 42-48, national Rehabilitation Center,UB
  • D.Odgerel (2017) Assessment of mental abilities of children in Mongolia, Забайкальский Государственный Университет, University of Zabaikalks, Chia, Russia
  • D.Odgerel (2017) Assessment of mental abilities of children in Mongolia, Забайкальский University of Zabaikalks, Chia, Russia
  • D.Odgerel (2017) Результаты сравнительного исследования положения выпускников окончивших ВУЗы по специальности “ПРЕПОДАВАТЕЛЬ НАЧАЛЬНЫХ КЛАССОВ” Забайкальский Государственный Университет
  • D. Odgerel, B.Myagmarsaikhan, G. Jargalmaa (2018) Inclusive education for every child in Mongolia project “Assessment of needs survey report” IRIM, Mongolia
  • D.Odgerel, K.Nomura, D.Bayaraa, G.Enkhjargal, G.Batjargal (2019) “Some results on Tanaka Binet-V intelligence test adaptation; administration and development, International Conference on Efficiency and Effectiveness of Educational Services, MNUE, UB
  • D. Odgerel (2019) Results on comparative study on assessment system for children with special educational needs, Moscow City University, International Conference “City and Education”
  • Hiroko Tsuboi1, M. Matsumoto2, L. Kemppinen3, D. Odogerel4, Y. Ninomiya2, S. Keskinen3, E.Keskinen3,
  • N.Oyuntungalag4, A. Nomura2, N. Suzuki5, C. Hatagaki6, H. Matsumoto7, M. Morita8 “An International Comparison of Happiness in Foreign Children in Japan, Japanese, Finnish and Mongolian Children” (2019), 18th International Congress of ESCAP

For the development of the modules, Dr Odgerel’s team will collaborate with colleagues of the school of law of the National University of Mongolia, also located in Ulaanbatar.