Pilot Teaching of the EduLAw modules, University of Durrës (UAMD), Durrës (Albania), May 2019

In May 2019, students at the University of Durrës were taught legal terminology used in the EduLAw modules. They were introduced to the terminology in education law in general and specifically in the Albanian legal framework regulating education, mainly focused on the Law on Pre-University Education. The students also discussed the case of a student who finished a study programme in a non-public university (unaccredited bachelor study program on teaching), and then – when the Albanian government decided to close all unaccredited universities – applied to attend a Master program on teaching. After the student sucessfully finished the master program, she was however refused to enter the Teachers’ State Exam because of her non accredited Bachelor degree. The students showed a great interest, as it was the first time that they were taught education law and terminology. The students asserted that they now understood the importance of having a basic knowledge about the law in their capacity of future teachers.