Piloting EduLAw modules as GSU visiting professor, Francisk Skorina Gomel State University (GSU-BY), 14-20 March 2019

From 14 till 20 March 2019, Aleksandr Grahotsky (Ass. Prof.), EduLAw GSU institutional projectleader, visited the International University SILKWAY in Shymkent (Kazakhstan). He delivered a series of lectures on rights in education at SILKWAY thereby making use of the study modules, developed within the EduLAw project. Aleksandr Grahotsky as well showcased the work done within the EduLAw project as an example of  “Internalization of the higher education in Belarus” at the International conference «Modernization of the Great Steppe values as a key factor in the development of science and education». Finally, the result and lessons learned from the European EduLAw project were shared at the round-table meeting “Best practices of the European universities management” and how European cooperation can contributes to improving and modernising national education systems.