Katerina L. Kabakhidze

Role in the project: regional project coordinator, institutional project leader
Institution: Moscow City University, Head of International relations department

Ms. Kabakhidze has a candidate degree in social philosophy and is involved into Erasmus+ projects in recognition of informal and non-formal learning outcomes (VALERU) and introduction of competence based approach (TUNING Russia). Ms. Kabakhidze has been exploring the theme of the philosophy of education, internalization of education and has relevant publications in this field. She also teaches legal English and writes methods handbooks on the issue.
Ms. Kabakhidze is the main coordinator of the students and staff mobility and in investigating the issue of quality of mobility programs and quality of international cooperation.
Ms. Kabakhidze has arranged a number of national and international conferences in MCU.

Some publications:

  • Understanding as the Basis for Cross-Cultural Dialogue \ Dialogue of Cultures: Social, Political and Evaluative Issues: Materials of the Moscow Forum dedicated to the memory of Heydar Aliyev. – M.: “KANON+” ROON “Rehabilitation”, 2015. – P. 152-156.
  • The triune nature of language, thinking and consciousness. Languages and Cultures: Proceedings of the XV International Scientific – Practical Conference. – Novosibirsk: ZRNS, 2014. – № 11. – С. 110-114.
  • Globalization and Language Picture of the World. Topical Issues of Social Sciences: Sociology, Political Science, Philosophy, History: Proceedings of the XXXIV XV international scientific – practical conference. – Novosibirsk: SIBAK, 2014. – № 2 (34). – С. 42-51.
  • Legal English in Mass Media: Read and Analyze. Methods handbook \ Kabakhidze E.L., Suvirova A.U. Moscow, MCU, 2015. – 54 p.