Edmond Rapti

Role in the project: education expert
Institution: University of Tirana (Faculty of Social Sciences)

He is the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Tirana. His professional career began 34 years ago. During his university career in past 20 years he performed lectures in the bachelor, master and doctorate programs in education and psychology. He has experience in the administration of the higher education as the vice rector, dean and the chair of department. He has a rich experience in teacher education, in educational leadership and administration, in psychology, in teacher training as a trainer in the short courses for teachers of preschool, primary and secondary education. He has cooperated with schools for the organization of the teacher student internship. He is co-author of some regional researches on teacher education and teacher training. He has experience working with international projects. He has published books and articles on education and school psychology topics.

Some publications:

  • Karanezi1, XH. & Rapti, E. (2015). Teachers’ Attitudes and Perceptions: Association of Teachers’ Attitudes toward Traditional and Modern Teaching Methodology According to RWCT as Well as Teachers’ Perceptions for Teaching as a Profession, Creative Education, 6, 623-630 Published Online April 2015 in SciRes. http://www.scirp.org/journal/ce http://dx.doi.org/10.4236/ce.2015.66061.
  • Kotherja, O. & Rapti, E. (2025). The Importance of Motivation in Employees’ Performance in Schools. Journal of Educational and Social Research, mcser.org.
  • Rapti, E & Karaj, Th. (2012). The relationship between job satisfaction, demographic and school characteristics among basic education teachers in Albania. Problems of education in the 21st century Volume 45.
  • Rapti, E & Karaj, Th. (2012). Albanian university students’ ethnic distance and stereotypes compared with other Balkan nations. Problems of Education in the 21st Century, oaji.net