Bardhyl Musai

Role in the project: education expert
University of Tirana (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Bardhyl Musai is full time professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tirana. He has an experience of 39 years in education and over 22 years in university teaching and research. He has participated as a member of several working groups on educational reform in Albania, drafting legislation for pre-university and higher education, member of the Council for Higher Education and Science to the minister of education from 2006 till 2013, member of Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE), a TEMPUS initiative funded by EU. He has been also Chair of the Council for Accreditation of Higher Education from 2006 till 2014 and has been adviser to the prime Minister for the period 2009-2013. Bardhyl Musai has participated in numerous international bodies, conferences and events, regarding educational policy and planning, has published articles, book chapters and research papers on educational policy regarding teacher education and other topics. Fields fo expertise: Educational Policy and Planning, Teacher Education, Educational Psychology, Models of Teaching.

Some publications:

  • Musai, B. (2013). The Challenges we face-Early School leaving and Drop Out in SEE: State of play in SEE-facts, figures and more….ERI SEE.
  • Musai, B. (2013). Teacher Education and Training in the Western Balkans: Teachers in a Changing Society; their Role, Methods and Effectiveness. European Commission.
  • Musai, B. (2010). Mapping policies and practices for the preparation of teachers for inclusive education in contexts of social and cultural diversity, EFT.
  • Musai, B., Budiene, V., Dezde, I., del Rosario, M. (2007). Monitoring School Dropouts: Country reports; School Dropout Predictors and Consequences: Research in five Districts in Albania Pp.95-106, (Eds.). New York: Open Society Institute.
  • Musai, B. (2007) Education in Albania – Indicators and Trends: National Dossier, Tirana CDE-UNICEF.
  • Zgaga, P. Ed, Musai, B. (2005). The Prospects of Teacher Education in Europe – Teacher Education in Albania: Pp.95-135, (). Ljubljana: CEPS-SEEECN.