Maria Smirnova

Role in the project: legal expert
Institution: Moscow City University

Dr Maria Smirnova (PhD, Moscow; LLM, Exeter) is a Research Associate at the University of Manchester where she researches the impact of international human rights law on the transformation of the Russian judicial system. Furthermore, as a member of European Association of Education Law and Policy (Antwerp) and the Federal Centre for Educational Legislation (Moscow) she also focuses on international standards of the right to education and their implementation. Her publications in this area cover such topics as linguistic diversity in education, fighting poverty through education, corruption in education, religious rights and the right to education and in more general terms, the justiciability of the right to education.

Some publications:

  • Maria Smirnova, ‘Freedom of Conscience and the Right to Education in Russia – a Secular Country of Cultural and Religious Diversity’ in Dr. Charles Russo’s (ed.) International Perspectives on Education, Religion and Law. Routledge, 2014, 181-194.
  • Maria Smirnova, ‘Comparative Legal Analysis of the Legislation on Higher Education in Russian Federation’ in Dr. Charles Russo’s (ed.) Handbook of Comparative Higher Education Law. Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group (R&L) 2013, 255-273.
  • Maria Smirnova, ‘Education Law in Russia’, The Yearbook of Education Law, Dayton University, Ohio, 2012, 349-356.
  • ‘Russian Federation’ in Charles L. Glenn, Jan De Groof, Cara Stillings Candal (eds.) 4-th edition of Balancing freedom, autonomy and accountability in education, Volume 4, Wolf Legal Publishers, 2012, 199-215.