Field visit to the Mongolian partners (Ulaanbaatar / Khovd / Bayan-Ölgii / Dornod) by the EU grant holder and her team, 2024 (ongoing)

A series of workshops and lectures were held at the Faculty of Psychology of the Western Branch of the National University of Mongolia (KNUM) to evaluate the outputs and dissemination activities of the MELINC project, to assess the effectiveness and impact of the project’s activities in promoting inclusive education and enhancing training programs and support mechanisms aimed at fostering inclusivity within educational settings. The MELINC outputs and dissemination strategies were scrutinized, their alignment with the overarching goals of inclusive education, their reach within diverse communities, and their adaptability to different learning environments were discussed. Participants engaged in comprehensive analyses of the strengths and weaknesses observed in the implementation of these activities, seeking solutions for improvement and refinement, and enhance collaboration among stakeholders, both within the university and with external partners, to maximize the reach and effectiveness of inclusive education initiatives.