Teaching inclusive education in the Psychology Pogramme, November 2022, Mongolia

MELINC projectleader for Mongolia, Prof. Odgerel Dandii, teaches the inclusive education course, thereby using the project video tutorials. The teaching consists of 4 hours lectures in 16 seminars on inclusive education. The teaching was don in the 4th training course for the specialization of educational psychologists. The 4th round of educational psychologist training took place on November 7, 2022 and included 92 psychologists selected from 204 people who submitted their materials in 2 rounds of selection. The participants of the training participate in a total of 4 weeks of classroom training and 2 weeks of practical training in elementary schools. Employing a professional psychologist in a secondary school is required for early detection of children’s mental and physical disabilities including detection of psychological problems, and provide assistance and support in solving difficult problems, counseling teachers and parents, and resolving conflicts within the family and with the school.