National Conference, face-to-face, Khovd (Mongolia), 23 and 26 March 2022

The Khovd national conference and workshops were the second national face-to-face MELINC events with digital interventions from non-Mongolian partners. The conference also included the broader public and representatives of Mongolian ngo’s for persons with disabilities and governmental institutions from the Western aimags (provinces) including Khovd, Uvs, Bayan Ölgii, Gobi Altai, and Zavkhan.

The event was hosted by Khovd University.

It showcased the ERASMUS+ MELINC video tutorials and the first-year accomplishments within the Mongolian partner institutions from the MELINC project. The partners informed participants about the benefits for the students and the impact of the project on stakeholders and other users of the modular online inclusive education course including legal, pedagogical and psychological issues if working with students with additional support needs and disabilities.