Roelf Reyneke

Department of Social Work of the University of the Free State, specializes in diversity, communication, inclusion. His focus is (1) on diversity as a phenomenon that social workers are confronted with in their daily practice, and its significance as reflected by its inclusion in the outcomes of the Bachelor of Social Work. However, people do not value diversity, which leads to groups’ experiencing intolerance and low levels of social justice. (2) Another field of his interest is on the motivation of communities to become part of their own development. In order for development to take place, communities should be guided beyond their own helplessness. In doing this, attention is given amongst others to the constructivist paradigm, self-empowerment and underlying post-modern assumptions and principles of the narrative working method. (3) He also uses Adventure based group work to develop life skills and resilience in youth at risk. These techniques could also be used as part of diversity training with different groups.
Publications: Engaging Social Work Students in Social Dialogue, 2017; Using adventure to increase the emotional intelligence of the poor, 2016 ; The Benefits of Using Adventure Education to Facilitate Dialogue in Social Work Diversity Training.