Norov Tsagaanchuluun

Project coordination.
Role in the project: Technical Project Coordinator at Khovd University
Institution: Khovd University
Position: Senior Lecturer at the Department of Foreign Languages and Culture Studies, School of Social and Human Sciences
Areas of expertise: Tsagaanchuluun. N has 16 years of teaching experience at Khovd University. Her areas of expertise are language assessment and curriculum development. She has gained her Master’s degree in Human Studies from Osaka University, Japan on communication skills development of students at HEI. Besides she has studied human development and economics. 

Some publications:

  • Possibilities of refining consolidation exercise system of English vocabulary classes. 2009. International Conference Proceedings.
  • “Foreign students’ access to support for their daily life in Minoh city of Osaka Prefecture, Japan”. 2012. University Scientific Journal. №5, page 151-155.
  • “University students’ perceptions towards communication skills development in Mongolia”. 2013. The issues of foreign language teaching №34, page 91-93.
  • “Teaching and Assessment of 21 century skills: University students perceptions towards communication skills”. 2016. International Conference Proceedings. Barnaul, Russia.
  • Graduate employability skills: literature review. 2018. International Conference Proceedings.