Buyannemekh Nyamjav

Buyannemekh Nyamjav is assigned to the project from the Department of Foreign Languages and Culture Studies, Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities of Khovd University. 

Some publications:

  • Requirements for the professional training of future teachers: normative documentation in Mongolian and Russian higher education. Collection of the XVII International Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Researchers, Students.”Science and Education: Problems and Prospects”. April 23, 2015. 
  • Approaches and principles of the organization of the development of the culture of international business communication of students in the conditions of cooperation between the universities of Russia and Mongolia. Science and Education: Problems and Prospects: Materials of the XIX All-Russian International Participation in the Scientific-Practical Conference of Young researchers and students. Biysk, 2017. p. 271-274. 
  • The culture of business communication: the analysis of concepts. Collection of the scientific conference of young researchers “Science and Education: Problems and Prospects”. Biysk, April. 2016 
  • Culture of International Business Communication: An Analysis of Research in Education and Business. New science: history of formation, current state, development prospects: materials of the international scientific and practical conference. Saratov, April 13, 2016.