Consortium meeting, 17 June 2021, online

The MELINC consortium partners held on 17 June 2021 the consortium meeting on the MELINC project progress. The 17 June 2021 agenda included (1) progress on the equipment purchases, (2) the tendering procedure, (3) transfer of the staff grant in process to be received at the Mongolian universities, (4) draft of the curriculum analyses including the conversion of ECTS in Mongolian credit points, (5) the draft of the quality control of the first public event and the review of the comments and feedback of the participants, (6) analyses of the results of the questionnaire on the knowledge of Mongolian teachers on inclusive education, (7) inclusion of the internal quality control departments in the future steering committee meetings, (8) proposals for the selection of the external quality controller, (9) draft D&S plan, (10) draft of the second public training: one week intensive course on inclusive education, (11) purchase of the technology to be used in the future for public events (Zoom instead of google meet), (12) division of tasks for the writing of the modules to be developed with the international law modules to be drafted by the EU partners and send to the Mongolian partners for further adaptation to the Mongolian context and the Mongolian legislation and practice on inclusive education and special needs education to be drafted by the Mongolian partners, (13) discussion on the implementation of the open Module 15 which could deal with i.a. accessible technologies and technology assisting learning, distance education technologies, team teaching, Mongolian programme to converse speech to text, inclusive environments, disability in context, person-centred practice, managing challenging behaviour in the classroom, assessing support for learning, universal design for learning; (14) the need to purchase reference books related to the modules on inclusive education for the libraries of the Mongolian universities. The consortium meeting closed with a Q&A round to make sure all relevant voices are heard and with the reminder about the clear EACEA guidelines and rules and the project goals. During the vacation period, committee members can communicate with each other and the project manager on a bilateral basis. The follow-up meeting of the full consortium streering committee will be scheduled as necessary at the end of the vacation.