2020 EduLAw summerschool, 8-26 June 2020

EduLAw conducts its ‘Intensive Training of Teachers in the Field of Education Law’ summerschool from 8 till 26 June 2020.

To be a teacher in democratic societies means having the knowledge about rights and law to make rights based decisions in education. The 2020 EduLAw summerschool focuses on the most common challenges teachers and principals encounter in their professional life including i.a. preventive suspension of a staff member, disciplinary proceedings against a staff member, evaluation disputes, disciplinary proceedings against students, examination disputes in basic, secondary and higher education.

In response to COVID-19, the 2020 EduLAw summerschool builts on the online EduLAw tutorials developed under the Erasmus+ CBHE project to support the online teaching and examination of professionals participating in the 2020 EduLAw summerschool.