Belarusian National D&S EduLAw Conference on the EduLAw modules, Gomel (Belarus), 11-14 September 2019

The Belarusian national conference was the EduLAw D&S multidisciplinary event for (future) teachers and laywers and principals. GSU and BSPU staff of the EduLAw consortium partners presented and discussed the modules they wrote together with the staff members from other countries.
Together with the textbook “Введение к курсу лекций «О праве и правах для студентов педагогических специальностей и слушателей курсов для педагогов», the national conference provided an important channel for exchange of information about the EduLAw deliveries.
Moreover, information about the Erasmus+ EduLAw conference was broadcasted on the regional TV (Belarus 4) and on the university website.