Pilot Teaching and Conference of the EduLAw modules for NArFU students and staff, Arkhangelsk (Russia), 22-26 April 2019

Preliminary remark: for the information about the pilot teaching at the other consortium partners, we refer to the local news and D&S project page. The format of the special intensive training course combined with the international conference in Arkhangelsk, allowed the project visibility manager to attend both activities and make the movie of the piloting of the modules. Other consortium partners opted for a distribution of the modules over a period of time.

From 22 to 26 April 2019, the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov (NArFU) completed a pilot version of the EduLAw course that it will offer in the coming academic years, thereby using the modules written by the consortium members (WP6.2). The course for university students is aimed at developing an understanding of rights-based decision making in education. The course provides students with an introduction to the issue of rights and obligations in education and explores the legal framework of the education systems of the project partners. Apart from the piloting, NARFU hosted the International Conference on shaping a sustainable educational environment (WP6.3) and the grantholder delivered a lecture on ‘European experience in intercultural education: best practices’ for the NARFU in-service training programme.
The NARFU team also discussed with the grantholder the conceptualisation of the curriculum including EduLAw modules (WP2.1), the syllabus description for the course (WP2.2), and the materials for the teachers (WP3.2) and the students (WP3.1). Tasks to NARFU team members for the development of OER were clarified (WP4.1). Internal quality was conducted with the participation of the NARFU students (WP5.2) while the quality strategy was refined (WP5.1). Finally, the NARFU team took care of the press releases of the events (WP6.2) and conducted the MNG meeting to discuss expenses and related issues (WP7.1).


Programme of the Pilot Teaching and Conference of the EduLAw modules for University Students, NArFU, Arkhangelsk (Russia), 22-26 April 2019