EduLAw Comprehensive Field Monitoring, MARSU (Russia), 18 April 2019

Russian Federation NEO Deputy Director Anna Muraveva monitored the implementation, equipment, quality control strategy, management strategy and dissemination and sustainability strategy including the pilot teaching programme and the updated curricula and the learning outcomes of the EduLAw modules and the progress made by the team to reach the EduLAw output objectives since the 24 October 2018 monitoring. The NEO delegation conducted meetings i.a. with the Head of Department of Science and Innovation Vera Toktarova and with all the members of the MARSU EduLAw team. She audited the folders with key documentation about the EduLAw project and the management of the project. The NEO team gave a positive evaluation and made recommendations to be taken into account for the following period. The NEO recommendations will be included in the discussions about the project management strategy at the next Steering Committee.