Project Meetings and Workshops, Europe, November 2018

In November 2018, a series of workshops took place with South African experts in the Flemish Community of Belgium. This enabled South African participants to put questions to and exchange views with Flemish experts on subjects associated with the use of technology in education. During the one week workshops, South African experts discussed with principals and staff in primary and secondary schools and university and university colleges how their students acquire computer skills, the challenges and benefits in teaching with digital technologies, the qualifications of teachers and their digital literacy, ‘mediawijsheid’, challenges such as cyberbullying, guidance and internal and external support in technical assistance, security issues to make sure that computers are safe…
Meetings in the Flemish Community of Belgium were conducted i.a. with the participation of experts of iMEC SMI Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Hogeschool VIVES, Sint-Jozef Sint-Pieter Middelbaar onderwijs, Basisschool Sint-Rita, Didakta, FabLab+.