Project Workshop, European Union, June 2018

The interdisciplinary University of the Free State (Bloemfontein – South Africa) team with Mariette Reyneke (law), Lynette Jacobs (educational sciences), Erika Kruger (health and trauma therapist) and Roelf Reyneke (sociology) participated in the EduLAw workshop on (cyber) bullying prevention through and in educational institutions with European colleagues from the law faculty, the pedagogical (including teacher education) faculty and the ATEE association. They discussed what legislation already exists and is applicable to cyberbullying and best practices from Europe, how do courts deal with cases of cyberbullying by minors in practice and the legal problems encountered, what school policies exist to prevent pupils to engage in cyberbullying or to become victims of online peer pressure.
The EduLAw modules on transparancy, privacy and duty of care of teachers and educational institutions were discussed.
Mariette Reyneke also represented the South African team with her presentation, jointly written with Lynette Jacobs, at the plenary session of the ATEE spring conference (Association for Teacher Education in Europe).
The contributions of the South African colleagues will be published in the joint ATEE-EduLAw-VLIR UOS publication.
The VLIR UOS team had ample opportunities to network with European colleagues. The last day, the team discussed the feasablity and themes of long-term joint South African European research cooperation.