Local Project Working Group Meeting, Northern (Arctic) Federal University (NARFU), Arkhangelsk (Russia), 4 May 2018

On 04 May 2018 the NARFU EduLAw project working group held the working meeting to discuss the division of tasks for (1) Minsk seminar and (2) the Bialystok conference. The draft of the new curriculum (2 programmes) was discussed with the inclusion of the modules prepared within the EduLaw project. The EduLAw modules in the ALIGN project “Modernization Project of Teacher Training in Russia: NArFU Experience and Results” (https://narfu.ru/en/media/news/259633/) was prepared by Elena Vorobeva for the 2018 EduLAw-ATEE Spring Conference “Designing Teacher Education and Professional Development for the 21st Century: Current Trends, Challenges and Directions for the Future”
On 8 May 2018 members of the NARFU EduLAw project working group met with the Chief of the NARFU Department on Academic Development for discussing the framework for the recognition of qualifications in knowledge about education law and the legal framework of education policy and management. They will now formulate the learning outcomes for the programmes. These drafts will be used during the MINSK seminar on curriculum development.