Local Project Working Group Meeting, UT, Tirana (Albania), 16 April 2018

On 16 April 2018, the team of the University of Tirana conducted a meeting to discuss the tasks for the three upcoming international EduLAw activities: Minsk, Bialystok and Moscow. The team discussed (1) the drafts of three updated syllabi on ‘Education Legislation courses’ that are offered in three master programs; (2) the possibility to offer the EduLaw modules as a short training course for school directors and continuing professional development for teachers; (3) the possibility to offer the modules packet through blended learning. The second topic of discussion were two papers to be be presented in the EduLAw-ATEE conference in Bialystok. The third topic of discussion concerned the selection of candidates and papers to be prepared for the international summer school in Moscow. Finally, Nikoleta Mita gave feedback to her colleagues about the visibility of the EduLAw project at the Tirana Day of Europe on 9 May 2018.