First EduLAw Internship, Kaunas (Lithuania), 04-10 June 2017

From 4th till 10th June 2017 the ELA Project held its first five-day intensive training internship to improve legal skills of institutional projectmanagers, modular teamleaders and researchers and to reflect upon the different education systems and teacher training programmes.

Eight draft modules (WPDEV 3.1/WPQC 5.2), the first draft description of the education law curriculum (content taught in the education law course) (WPDEV 2.2) and the first draft course syllabus (summary of each of the modules covered/taught in the particular education law course) (WPDEV 2.2) were discussed with peers, the internal quality control conducted (WPDEV 5.2) and the first multilingual e-Newsletter written (WPD&S/MNG 7.3).
Furthermore, the kick-off meeting gave visibility of the project through three evening lectures by Georgia du Plessis and Maria Smirnova, Charlotte Mbuyi and Martijn Roelen (WPDEV 6.2) for students, staff and stakeholders at Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas/ Vytautas Magnus University (LT).
Finally, the regional and consortium steering committee meetings were held (WPMNG 7.1)
The meeting was co-organized by Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas/ Vytautas Magnus University (organizer and WPQC5), Moscow City University  (WP3), University of Tirana (WP2), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (grant holder coordinator WP7) and the European Association for Education Law and Policy (WPD&S6).


Evening lectures Kaunas Internship Event

QC Kaunas Internship Event