Project Open Teleconference Seminar on ‘Religious Rights in Education’ , Mari State University, Joškar-Ola (Russia), 6 April 2017

On 6 April 2017, the MarSU team with Marina Mokoseeva (Associate Professor, PhD in Law) and Ekaterina Fliginskikh (Senior Secturer, Senior Research Worker), together with students of Teacher Training and Law Faculties, held an open teleconference seminar on ‘Religious Rights in Education’.

Anna Bakun (PhD in Law, Chair of History of State and Law of Foreign Countries, Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus) opened the teleconference with a presentation on the laws and regulations on the freedom of religion in the Republic of Belarus and judicial case law, including the ECtHR cases of ‘Leyla Şahin v. Turkey’ and ‘Lautsi v. Italy’.

Bakun’s lecture was followed by the lecture of Marina Mokoseeva on religious rights and the protection of the constitutional right of freedom of religion as interpreted by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation the cases of July 10, 2013, February 11, 2015, and May 15, 2003 on the right of Muslim women to dress in accordance with religious beliefs.

It was followed by an Q&A of the students to the presenters about the freedom of religion in Russia and Belarus.

The Open Teleconference contributes to knowledge transfer about the fundamental right of religious freedom in education, to the development of critical thinking and to enhancing skills of conducting comparative analysis.