Alena Koshman

Role in the project: project team member of the Faculty of psychology and pedagogics Francisk Skorina Gomel State University, Expert in pedagogics
Institution: Francisk Skorina Gomel State University, Associate professor (docent), the department of Pedagogics, Gomel State University of Fr. Skorina, Faculty of Psychology and pedagogics

Author of more than 70 scientific publications. Sphere of scientific interests: ecological culture, methods of active education, problem-based learning.

Some publications:

  • Koshman, E.E. Game design as means of improvement of quality of pedagogical education / E. E. Koshman//Quality education: problems and prospects: сб. науч. articles: отв. edition: D. K. Bartosz, E.L.Kabakhidze, O. N. Oleynikova – M.: MGPU, 2016. – Page 159-166.
  • Koshman, E.E. Pedagogical bases of designing of innovations in inclusive education / M. G. Koshman, E. E. Koshman // Modern education: succession and continuity of the educational school-university-entity system: materials X of the international scientific and methodical conference, Gomel, November 20-21, 2015 / Gom. state. un-t. of F. Skorina; I. V. Semchenko [etc.]. – Gomel, 2016. – Page 218-222.
  • Koshman, E.E. Forming of ecological culture of seniors in the conditions of profile training by means of methods of active training / E.E. Koshman // Social and pedagogical work as a result of a life humanization: materials Mezhdunar. науч. – практ. конф., Chernihiv, 11-12iyunya 2016 g / the Chernihiv state. economy in-t; редкол.: V. P. Andryushchenko [etc.]. – Chernihiv, 2016. – Page 156-159.
  • Koshman, E.E. Problems of forming of ecological culture of seniors in the course of game activities / E.E.
  • Koshman//Modernization of education: problems and prospects: сб. науч. works междунар. науч. – практ. конф. – Bryansk: Publishing house of Desyatochka Group, 2016. – Page 194-201.