Liudmila Krasnabayeva

Role in the project: project  team member of the Faculty Law Educational Establishment “Francisk  Skorina Gomel State University”
Institution: Francisk Skorina Gomel State University. Faculty Law

The head of the department of  theory and history of state and law.  Associate Professor of Law. The Department of  law. Candidate of  law sciences (Ph.D.). Author of more than 50 scientific publications.
Main appointments: The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law , Lund, Sweden. Study course «Human rights and international humanitarian law» (2014).  Participant in the project Mobility Scheme for Targeted People-to-People-Contact.  The program «Juridical clinics: European experience». Warsaw – Wroclaw (Poland) (2016).
Scientific interests: research in the field of  сonstitutional law,   public service and national law in the field of education, legal support and protection of human rights.

Some publications:

  • Liudmila Krasnabayeva, Current issues of scientific-methodological and teaching work: preparation of specialists in the context of modern tendencies in the sphere of higher education. // Materials of the Republican scientific and methodological conference. (Gomel, 13–14 March 2014) in four parts. Part 4. –Gomel, 2014. – Part 4. – P. 162-165.
  • Liudmila Krasnabayeva, Formation of the life values of the students in the study course “Human Rights”//  Pedagogical heritage of academician IF Kharlamov and modern problems of the theory and practice of moral formation of the person Materials of republican scientific-practical conference.Gomel, June 4 2015 – P.23-26.
  • Liudmila Krasnabayeva, Methods of teaching the discipline “Children’s Rights” // Mainstreaming of the elements of human rights and gender equality concepts in the learning process of higher legal education system in Belarus. – Materials of the international educational-methodical seminar/ Minsk on 30-31 October 2015.- Minsk. Ecoperspektiva. 2016.-  P. 53-55.