Ivan Savelev

Role in the project: legal expert
Institution: Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov, High School of Economy, Management and Law, Department of International Law and Comparative Jurisprudence

Ivan Savelev, High education in law and history, PHD in history, as. professor Department of legal theory and legal history,  Head of Department of international law and comparative jurisprudence (NArFU). He had trainee periods in universities of Lapland (Finland), High Alsace (France). Visiting professor in universities of Lapland (Finland). Participant of several scientific expeditions to Alaska, Russian Arctic, Svalbard. He Has more than 50 publications on history and law.

Some publications:

  • Savelev I. Aboriginals in the Russia America and their Legal Status, 2011, Arkhangelsk, pages 283-304.
  • Savelev I, Hildebrand S. Protection of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Alaska – Based on Scientific Expeditions During the Project “Heritage of Russian America” // Current Developments in Arctic Law / Ed. by  Koivurova T.,  Hasanat W. – Voi. 3 – Ravaniemi, 2015.
  • Savelev I, metropolitan Kliment (Kopalin), Malakhov M, Ermolaev A, Petrov A., History and heritage of Russian America // Russian Academy of Sciences bulletin, 2011, № 12, pages 1090-1099.
  • Savelev I, Russian colonial law as a regulator of the process of Alaska development / Pomor University bulletin, 2011, № 9, pages 79-83.

Main Teaching resources:

  • European Union Law: teaching resources. – Arkhangelsk (TEMPUS PIMILIC), 2006 – 0,7 п.л.
  • Legal theory problems: teaching resources. – Arkhangelsk (TEMPUS PIMILIC), 2006 – 0,7 п.л.