Theodhori Karaj

Role in the project: education and legal expert
University of Tirana (Faculty of Social Sciences)

He is the head of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Tirana. He has 42 years teaching and research experience in the field of education and psychology covering areas of development psychology, research methods in psychology and education, and educational administration. He has a bachelor in law and in education. He has master diploma in psychology and pedagogy. He has been a visiting professor at different universities in Europe and the USA. He has a rich experience in teacher training as a trainer in the short courses for teachers of preschool, primary and secondary education. He is cooperating with some domestic and regional professional associations in the field of psychology and education. He is the author of various publications in the field of psychology and education.

Some publications:

  • Buka, M. & Karaj, Th. (2012). Mobbing in the Academe: The Case of Albanian Universities”. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Human and Social Sciences.
  • Rapti, E & Karaj, Th. (2012). The relationship between job satisfaction, demographic and school characteristics among basic education teachers in Albania. Problems of education in the 21st century Volume 45.
  • Rapti, E & Karaj, Th. (2012). Albanian university students’ ethnic distance and stereotypes compared with other Balkan nations. Problems of Education in the 21st Century.
  • Vula, E. & Saqipi, B. & Karaj, & Th. Mita, N. (2012). Moving towards Practice-Oriented and Research-Based Teacher Education: Challenges of Kosovo and Albania, Journal Excellence in Higher Education, Vol 3, No 1.