Georgia du Plessis

Role in the project: education law and constitutional law expert
Institution: Vrije Universiteit Brussel, University of the Free State (Faculty of Law, South Africa)

Georgia du Plessis obtained her initial LLB and Masters in Law degrees at the University of the Free State (South Africa). She is currently a PhD candidate in Belgium with a scholarship obtained from Erasmus Mundus. She has received several scholarships in the USA where she spent short research periods. Her professional experience includes working as a permanent lecturer at the University of the Free State, acting as co-editor for several publications and journals as well as several research publications.

Some publications:

  • Georgia Alida du Plessis, 2016. The legitimacy of using the harm principle in cases of religious freedom within education. Human Rights Review (Vol. 17, no. 3, September 2016).
  • Georgia Alida du Plessis, 2015. Chapter 18 – The Inclusion of Religion in South African Public School Education.  Law and  Religion in Africa – The Quest for the Common Good in Pluralistic Societies. Editors Pieter Coertzen, M Christian Green, Len Hansen: 271-284. SunMedia Publishers.
  • Georgia Alida du Plessis,  2014. South African Education after 20 years of democracy. IJELP. Wolf Publishers.
  • Georgia Alida du Plessis, 2014. Religious freedom, reasonable accommodation and the protection of the conscience of learners in South African public schools, International Journal for Religious Freedom. Volume 7 (Issue 1&2): 97-112.
  • Georgia Alida du Plessis, 2013. A Country Report on Violence in Education within South Africa. International Journal of Education Law and Policy, Special issue.