Heliona Mico

Role in the project: Researcher
Institution: Aleksander Moisiu University of Durres

Heliona Mico is currently working as the director of state exams in the Albanian Educational Service Center, while she is working on her PhD at the University of Tirana. Since 2004 she is working for the Legal Department of the Ministry of Education and Science. She has a special interest in aligning Albanian education law to European standards. She is engaged in teaching, research, publishing as well as civil society projects in the field of education law.

Some publications:

  • Mico, H. (2017) “Religious freedom in education in Albania, a judicial view of religious symbols and access to school”, in Religious and Ideological Rights in Education, Juridcal Perspectives from 32 legal systems, Wolf Legal Publishers, ISBN 9789462404069
  • Mico, H. (2017) Historical and legal overview of the development of the right to education in Albania (1920-1939), “Historical studies”, Scientific Journal of Center for Albanological Studies, 2016 (3-4), LXX (LIII) Year, January 2017
  • Mico, H. (2016) and others “Higher education and research in Albania in the way of achieving the objectives of Bologna Declaration”, Working Papers in Higher Education Studies 2(1), 21-57, online at: http://www.wphes-journal.eu/
  • Mico, H. (2014) and others “Differentiation of the Mission of Higher Education Institutions through developing and establishing Regional Development centers at each Regional University” in “Higher education and research policy” Book; Peter Lang Edition “The Re-Institutionalization of Higher Education in the Western Balkans, The interplay between European Ideas, Domestic Policies and Institutional Practices”
  • Mico, H. (2013) and others “An Approach Toward the Strengthening of the management of the education system in Albania” published online, from the link: http://icrae2013.unishk.edu.al/icraecd2013/, ISSN: 2308-0825
  • Mico, H. (2013) “Development of Albanian education legislation in a democratic society”, “Discussion” Scientific Journal, no. 3/4, ISSN 1857-825X, May 2013