Vitaly Yuryevich Matveev

Candidate of legal sciences, Master’s course graduate of the University of Manchester, Almost 10 years’ experience of teaching in  Master’s and Baccalaureate programs, and within additional professional education. Conducting research connected with the legal framework regulating the educational environment.

Vitaly Matveev is Head of Laboratory for Educational Law.

Some publications:

  • Vitaly Matveev, Artemy Rozhkov, The problem of ensuring the independence of experts involved in Supervisory activities in education: Yearbook of the Russian Educational Legislation, 2012, Volume 7, pages 141-152.
  • Vitaly Matveev, Protection of pension rights of teaching staff: Law Journal the Director of the School, 2008, # 5, pages 6-15.
  • Vitaly Matveev, Changes in the legal status of the educational organization of higher education in the conditions of entry into force of the Federal law “On education in Russian Federation”: The Lawyer of the University, 2013, # 5, pages 41-47.
  • Vitaly Matveev, The conclusion of agreements on education in electronic format: new perspectives, or unnecessary problems: Law and Education, 2016, # 6, pages 61-70.