Ekaterina Fliginskikh

Institution: Mari State University – Senior Research Worker of Research Sector (Russia)

International Grants Manager of MarSU
Professor of Foreign Language Communication Chair. Teaching experience is 11 years. Teaches subjects “The English Language”, “Course of Translation and Interpretation”, “Introducation into the Theory of Intercultural Communicaition”.
Translation and interpretation experience is more than 10 years. Member of the Union of Translators of Russia. Participated in different TEMPUS events in MarSU.
Author of more than 20 publications in the professional area.


  • Ekaterina E. Fliginskikh, Svetlana L. Yakovleva. Nonimitative Active and Interactive Forms of Giving Lessons in the English Language. Transformations of approaches to education in regions of the World: experience of Russia, CIS states, Europe states and the USA; Volume 1; New York, 2013. Pp. 211-225