Anna De Ambrosis Vigna

Role in the project: legal expert
Institution: University of Bialystok (Faculty of Law)

Anna De Ambrosis Vigna, M.A. Law (Poland), Ph.D. Law (Poland), LL.M. Law (USA) is senior lecturer at the University of Bialystok in the Department of Administrative Law; she holds the position of the chair of the Committee to develop the implementation strategy of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for Recruitment of Researchers at the University of Bialystok; she has published widely on issues of higher education law.

Some publications:

  • Anna Budnik, Katarzyna Boratyńska, According application of the provisions of the Code of Administrative Procedure and the Code of Criminal Procedure on the basis of the Law on Higher Education – selected issues, 44 “Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric” 2012.
  • Anna Budnik, University autonomy under the provisions of the Higher Education in Inflation of Administrative Law (ed.) P.J. Suwaj, Warszawa 2012.
  • Anna Budnik, Cooperation of higher education institutions in England in Poland with the local government in Social participation with the local government, (ed.) Bogdan Dolnicki,, Warszawa 2014.