EduLAw alliances, 12 June 2020

EduLAw alliances became operational on 12 June 2020. It brings together researchers from various disciplines including law, educational sciences, political sciences, sociology, psychology, teacher training, management. It invites the EduLAw researchers to learn from each other and to reflect on remarkable stories of multidisciplinary cooperation in education. It also aims at tackling skills gaps with regard to the education sector. Combining academic staff in various disciplines from different parts of the world, it aims at mutually enriching each other and to shape the professional development of junior academics.
EduLAw alliances works around different lines of research about stakeholders in education, including i.a. students and learners, teaching staff, school boards and administrators, education policymakers. EduLAw has two special lines of research: the first concerns the role of the courts in education litigation and the second concerns the judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union related to education.