Marina Mokoseeva

Role in the project: law expert
Institution: Mari State University – Head of the Research Sector (Russia)

Head of Constitutional and Administrative Law Chair of Law Faculty, Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor.

Teaching experience of 14 years. Deals with protection of human rights including those in the educational process and also different methods of training in Higher Educational institutions. Participated in the session on teaching methods in Central European University, Curriculum Resource Center (Hungary, 2009). Author of more than 90 scientific papers and articles in professional areas.

Some publications:

  • Marina Mokoseeva, Distance Education in Russia. Moscow. Conference Materials: MBMOSU, 2006.Pp. 24-28
  • 2. Anti-corruption Education in the Republic of Mari El.
  • Marina Mokoseeva, Fourteenth Vavilov Reading: Conference Materials: Mari State Technical University, 2011, coauthors: Treglasova A. and Rodygina О.