Nikolai Kuzmin

Institution: Mari State University – Head of Department of Publication Activity and Intellectual Property (Russia).

Associate Professor of Theory and Methods of Technology and Vocational Education Chair.
Teaching experience of 10 years. Teaches subject “Methodology of vocational training”. At this time he studies preparation of students of a liberal arts college for the patriotic education of youth. Author of more than 50 scientific papers and articles in professional areas.

Some publications:

  • Nikolai Kuzmin. The Moral Authority of Teacher in Preparing Students for Patriotic Education. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences. 2015. Vol 6 No 3 S7. Pp. 11-18
  • Nikolai Kuzmin. Model of Training of Students of Liberal Arts College for Patriotic Education of Modern Youth. ADVED – 2nd International Conference on Advances in Education and Social Sciences . 2016. Pp. 573-583.
  • Nikolai Kuzmin, Dmitry Krylov & Sergei Korotkov. The Model of Formation of Project Culture of the Future Pedagogue in The Course of Vocational Training. Review of European Studies. 2015. Т. 7. No. 8. pp. 28-35.