Irina Boyarinceva

Role in the project: researcher
Institution: Mari State University

Associate Professor (PhD) at the Law Faculty, Deputy Dean for academic Affairs, teaching subjects ‘Theory of state and law’, ‘Education law’, ‘Legal pedagogy’. Researcher in the quality of education in higher education. Author of more than 20 publications in this professional area.

Some publications:

  • Boyarintceva I.A. Current Trends in the Legal Regulation of Local Self-Government: Extension of Publicity/ Boyarintceva I.A., Tatiana N. Mikheeva// International journal of environmental & science education 2016, Vol. 11, No. 18, 12841-12848
  • Boyarintceva I.A. Soviet militia in opposition to alcoholism in 1917-1991: regional level/ Boyarintceva I.A., Ivanov V.A // Proceedings of INTCESS 2017 4th International Conference on Education and Social Sciences 6-8 February 2017- Istanbul, Turkey. р.696-703ISBN: 978-605-64453-9-2