Jan De Groof

Role in the project: education law and policy expert
Institution: European Association for Education Law and Policy

Jan De Groof is currently professor at the ‘College of Europe’ in Bruges (Belgium) at the European Interdisciplinary Studies Department (Legal Studies, Political and Administrative Studies, Economic Studies) and holder of the UNESCO-Chair on the Right to Education. He is also professor at the TIAS/NIMBAS Management School (the Netherlands) at the University of Tilburg where he also acts in his capacity of promoter of Ph.D at the Graduate School of Law. He was appointed UNESCO Chargé de mission (2007-2010). He publishes extensively on the Right to Education, Education Policy, Fundamental Rights in Education, Culture and Religion. He holds an  Honorary Doctorate of the University of Pretoria (South Africa) and of the South East European University (Tetovo, Macedonia).

Some publications:

  • Glenn Charles and Jan De Groof, Balancing Freedom, Autonomy, and Accountability in Education, 4 Volumes, Nijmegen: Wolf Legal Publishers, 2012, 1500 p.
  • Misco T. and Jan De Groof- (eds.), Cross-Cultural Case Studies of Teaching Controversial Issues: Pathways and Challenges to Democratic Citizenship Education, Nijmegen, Wolf Legal Publishers, 2014, 274 p.
  • Jan De Groof, Lauwers  G. and Singh K., The Right to Education and Rights in Education, Nijmegen, Wolf Legal Publishers, 2006, 426 p.
  • Jan De Groof, Martinez Lopez-Muniz J.L. and Lauwers G. (eds.), Religious Education in Public Schools: Study of Comparative Law, Springer, 2005, 307 p.